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Support is never one size fits all

1:1 Consultation

This is a great time to chat casually and see how your values align with your current actions and your next steps.
One time 1:1 Session on Zoom.

4 or 6 Week Group Support

A consistent weekly gathering where we can safely share our struggles and our successes in a small group setting. Group size is never bigger than 6 and the same group meets for 4 or 6 consecutive weeks.

Two Week Wait Support

We'll check in together every other evening during your wait about how it's feeling and filling any support gaps we can. We'll lean on humor and this is a great time to vent the days' frustrations.

Research/ Resources

We can set up a 1 time 30 minute time to chat on the evidence and provide resources on any one specific topic related to your path-to-parenthood journey.

birth doula

currently open to fertility clients only. 

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